General Company Description

Business Philosophy: Our customers’ satisfaction take top priority in any situation.

"In general, Baice intends to follow a growth industry. We intend to start off small, with a single outlet, before expanding out business when profits escalate. Unless there is a stable income, expanding the business is out of question. Baice takes up a rarer side of the food industry, with few competitors found in Singapore, and hence in the short term, we intend to live up to the company’s mission to its customers to leave a lasting impression so we can gain more profits. In the long term, we foresee and quick expansion into different parts of Singapore as the profits we earn will gradually increase with each outlet expansion. As soon as business picks up, we intend to introduce more types of products in order to attract and keep regulars so as to maintain a steadily increasing profit.

The success of Baice is highly probable as the team comprises of competent personnel with years of experience in the same industry, and are extremely knowledgable of the economy prospects in this particular industry. Our major competitive strengths include the expertise in advertising, the unity of our board of directors as well as the common mission to give our customers the best we can, and hence our service will be of high standard, as with our products. 

Baice had started as a team, and hence falls under Corporation. We have decided that it would be fair to the entire team as we would be entitled a part in the decisions concerning the company’s future."

—Loh Cheng Ngee
Assistant Chief Executive Officer