Products and Services

What's Baice? Easy, it's BAse + ICE-cream! 

Example: Red Bean Paste (BAse) + Green Tea [Matcha] (ICE)-cream with dango

 Example: Warm apple chunks with cinnamon (BAse) + Vanilla (ICE)-cream, with a drizzle of melted cinnamon syrup.

Example: Lemongrass Jelly(BAse) + Lemon Sorbet (ICE) with basil seeds and QQ balls for topping

At Baice, we import the finest ingredients from various countries and every ingredient goes through a quality check system to ensure that only the best is used in our products. Here, we provide many various Bases and Ice-cream related flavors to choose from.

Bases (Sweet):
- Red Bean
- Jelly (Cherry, Lemongrass, Strawberry)
- Dark Chocolate with Pecan
- Strawberry Jam (Homemade)
- Orange with White Chocolate
- Blueberry with Maple Syrup
- Peanut Butter with Jam and Peanut bits

Bases (Savory):
- Cream Cheese with Cashew Chunks
- Mozzarella with Crushed Pistachios 

- Vanilla 
- Milk Chocolate
- Durian 
- Hazelnut
- Rum and Raisin
- Mint with Chocolate Chunks
- Rocky Road
- Cookie Galore (Cookies with Chocolate blend)

Special Flavors:
- Wasabi
- Black Pepper
- Caramel Fleur de sel (Caramel with sea salt)

- Watermelon
- Honeydew
- Mangosteen
- Mango
- Lychee

- Lemon
- Raspberry
- Blueberry
- Berry mix (Black berry + Strawberry + Raspberry)
- Mango

Ice-cream, Sherbets, Sorbets (ICE):
All the ingredients found in the “ICE” products are all imported and have all gone through a quality checking system to make sure the ingredients are only of the finest quality and that can be consumed. All “ICE” products at Baice have their own nutritional value to fit to a person’s daily requirements, being tasty and delicious can help to calm anyone down from any frustrations and is emotionally rewarding.

Bases (BAse):
Instead of the usual strawberry jam-like bases, Baice provides a variety of different combinations of warm base dessert to accompany the “ICE” we also provide. Base dessert is relatively new in the market, and certainly do not have more than 3-4 different types, ranging from sweet to savory. The bases are mostly made up of fruit, which contains anti-oxidants as well as Vitamin-C. All fruits are fresh from various markets, and chocolate bases are made from the finest quality chocolate, which is proven to have its benefits to the human body as well. 

When customers make bulk orders, this service is available to deliver and provide the necessary equipment (thermal flasks, Ice-cream scoops etc.) to cater to the customers’ needs. This would make the job easier for customers with massive orders and only one person to pick it up. It also saves time as well.

Baice also provides catering services, whereby we cater to festivals or events with a small stall and a few workers to help sell and scoop and make the ICE and BASEs. This saves customers of the need to find helpers or to set up their own stalls.

Prices are as follows:
ICE only (Single Scoop): $3.50 - $4.00
BASE only (a bowl): $3.00 - $4.50 
Base + Ice-cream (BAICE): $5.00 - $6.00